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Success Stories

Providing the control room of a nuclear power plant with 170 paperless recorders to replace paper recorders from the 70th.Customer specific Ethernet solution for measure and registration of all important data of the plant. All recorders and data needs to follow the rules of the KTK (Kerntechnische Anlagen - Rules regarding safety in nuclear power plant and facilities)  250,000 Euro


Build up of a data acquisition Measurement system in an automotive plant close to Stuttgart with 14 paperless recorders for temperature measurement regarding nature protection 75,000 Euro

complete equipment for an university professorship of Vibro-Acoustics of Vehicles and Machines. 750,000 Euro

Implementation of and heating solution for the first OLED process manufacturing at a company in Aachen. 150,000 Euro

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Olaf Goergen

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